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Hydrogen Water Machine
Hydrogen Benefits for Human Body: 
    The modern medical science thinks that The decay is the process of acidification of matter(oxidation).absorb O2, 
drinking and smoking, environmental pollution etc could produce oxygen 
free radicals in human body. This could vandalize the cell tissue, Genetic disease and aging in the 
body. Hydrogen could effectively remove free radicals in the body.
Hydrogen anti-oxidation is much more powerful than vitamin C, carrot, lecithin etc people already familiared 
antioxidative substance.
    Hydrogen has powerful prevention role for: allergic dermatitis, Constipation, Hypertension, 
diabetes mellitus, cancer etc various deseases caused by free radicals.
    People often take hydrogen, can very good promote metabolism, can make every cell maintains 
a healthy state. Remove toxin in the body, anti-aging.
    Drinking hydrogen rich water and together breathing hydrogen will be more effective.double
 increase H2 content. 

      Power on machine, 99.999% purity H2 gas will be produced immediately, put H2 pipe(flow about150ml/min) into water cup(about 0.5L capacity) for 5--10 minutes. Will make hydrogen rich water, which is alkaline water, full of negative potential. H2 content about 1200ppb, water PH about 8.0, negative potential content about: -647. Customer also could choose H2 adjustable machines.

Make Rich Hydrogen Water 

* HX-300: H2 flow about 180ml/min

* prepare normal temperature drink water
* Put H2 pipe into drink water cup(0.5L) for 5--10mins
* after finish, immediately drinking
HX-600 H2 flow: 360ml/min
HX-1000 H2 flow: 600ml/min.

Drink Immediately

* Just entered hydrogen water, High concentrations of

 hydrogen molecules and negative potential(-MV)

Drinking Matters

* Used for everyday water drink

* 1000 to 2000ml/day

* Do not brewing or heating

Machine choice

HX-300, daily use. Mostly buy this model.
HX-600 or HX-1000 for large capacity cup.
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