Thermo graphite tube

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Thermo graphite tube


    Graphite tube quality directly determined AAS testing efficiency and accuracy.

After years development, we successfully produced kinds of graphite tubes for different brands AAS in the world. Our tubes are resistance, thermal character. It uses qualified graphite as basic material, after special technical treatment to produce. Our graphite tube have high sensitivity, high accuracy, good reproducibility, longer lifetime characters. Very competitive price.

Quality could reach big brands in the world.                     

* Qualified material

* Accurate grinding

* Fully mixture

* Proper pressure

* Correct heating treatment

* Whole process cleaning control

* Precision machining

* special coating technology 

* Strict performance quality test after produce

Above fully guaranteed our graphite tube quality is very high.


Our graphite tubes are very full to cover all the brand AAS, including

Longitudinal heating graphite tube:

* PerkinElmer (PE)

* Varian

* Thermo

* Hewlett packard ( HP)

* Agilent

* Hitachi

* Shimadzu

* Japan Z2000 series AAS

* GBC  etc


Transversely heating graphite tube:

* USA PerkinElmer (PE)
* Germany Analytik Jena


* Aurora

* PG/Persee China etc